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About Intuitives        

An Intuitive is a person who gets in tune with the body or object of interest and helps one understand what information is being stored. They can explain how one's body is sensing emotions such as joy, sorrow, reverence, hate, and love. They can map out the emotional, physiological, chemical, and heritage of a person so that a greater understanding of oneself is achieved. 
Intuitives differ from psychics or mediums at the level in which they connect with a client. The type of information obtained also differs. Many Intuitives can connect with the "psychic realm" and obtain information such as predictions, outside forces, etc. However, not all Intuitives can do this and it may not add to one's session. If you are looking for information about the future, an intuitive session may not be the proper mode of inquiry. 

Types Of Information Obtained From Readings

Examples of information that can be obtained based on the energy in the body: 

Emotional information held in the body 

Functionality of organs

Medical information about the body and its organs

Stories or perceptions and when they were created

What may be shutting an individual down in relationships, work, home, or obstructing a future goal

A person's best career path

Types Of Intuitives

Intuitives may have specific areas where they feel comfortable working and is where they achieve their best work. For example, doctors become specialists in particular fields of medicine and Intuitives can be specialists in their particular areas of work as well. Specialties include, but are not limited to:




Personal coaching

Intuitive Counseling

Combinations of  any all of the above

Specifying and knowing what information is being sought can assist in obtaining the best possible session. Searching through the body in the wrong areas or focusing on the wrong subject matter will not provide the answers that are being sought and could result in spending more time and money for additional sessions. To obtain the most valuable information, always inform the intuitive what information interests you most and be as up-front about topics or areas of concern as possible. The session will then focus on what is not known and can provide valuable insight and clarity.

About Barbara Rasor

I was born and raised in Piqua, Ohio. At the age of 17 my family moved to Dayton, Ohio where I attended and graduated from Sinclair Community College. After graduation I worked in the field of Radiology for 17 years in various hospitals throughout the Midwest and later represented GE Medical as a CT Application Specialist. The technology evolved and I entered into the field of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI).

Following a back injury, while working as a MRI Technician, I was propelled into the world of holistic healing when my favorite surgeon refused to operate on my back problem for the right reasons. During this search to heal and alleviate my pain I became a Holistic Health Practitioner completing 1000 hours in Massage Therapy in under 9 months.

Working as a Massage Therapist proved to be physically difficult so I took up hypnotherapy to help my clients relax and let go. Combining my work of hypnosis with massage, I then began to realize that I was sensing my clients' emotions and medical information, which was previously unknown to me. Unable to stop this intriguing process, I decided to research and apply science to help me understand my intunement. 

I believe that intuition is the most powerful level of communication our bodies possess. Understanding ones own intunement is essential for mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health. I invite everyone to undertake this journey. 
I am presently an Assistant Professor at Holos University offering my special insights and work with Dr. C. Norm Shealy. I travel worldwide offering individual sessions as well as group seminars. If your group is interested in having a seminar contact me at (949) 689-8591.




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