Classes are designed by means of a presentation followed by a practicum of the tools and techniques given. Each class is a two-hour segment depending on group size.

Understand Your Intuition

- Learn what information you can get from your intuition
- What are the limits
- Why sometimes our intuition is right and other times it seems to be wrong
- How to trust your intuition
- How to “intuit” yourself and others


- Understand why energy works
- Learn how to set the stage of a meeting prior to its start
- Learn how to influence others ahead of time
- Learn how to get the most from others
- Understanding the power of Free Will


- Understand you own personal power
- What shapes power
- How to work your own strengths
- How to hear the cues of when power is being given or is leaving

Experiencing & Projecting Emotions

- Learn to identify which emotions your body’s associate and gravitates to because of familiarity
- Understand how the body interrupts the emotions versus how your mind thinks about that particular emotional state
- How emotions govern your choices, your mate, your life, your career
- Understand why a person attracts certain types of personalities all due to the body’s needs
- Learn why the body seems to take us back to familiar versus breaking forward toward new learned patterns

How Emotions Are Transferred & Their Affects

- Understand how the body experiences emotional energy from others
- Why depression is common
- Why we can’t seemly break patterns

Emotions & Their Values: 
Importance Of Emotions Such As Anger

- Learn tools to identify where your body holds emotions
- Why you gravitate towards certain types of people in emotional states
- How to clear, through metaphors, emotional patterns

When the Mind & Body Are In Conflict

- Learn to identifying body signals that will help you understand conflictive states of being
- Learn tools to help move you through conflict and into conviction

 Sensing Blocks And Openings

- Participants will evaluate their own bodies and identify where they are blocked
- How to read it
- How to shift it
- Whether the blocks are emotional, chemical, or physical

Family Connections And How It Shapes Your Choices

- Learn what connects you to your family’s “stuff”
- Which lineage is dominant within you
- Why you were born to that particular family
- How to maximize your relationships with family members by disconnecting from negative cycles within the family unit

 Tools, Tools, Tools

- Boundaries – how to construct and energetically communicate
- How to create boundaries and teach others to honor them
- Judgment – Most of us judge through caring for others
- Individuals will learn if they are judging others through caring and need to fix, or if they are judging themselves

 Faith Versus Trust

- Experience taking a “Leap of Faith”
- Learn how your body reacts to faith versus trust
- Understand what stops you from living your life through inner guidance and peace

The Giver…Why Receiving May Be More Important

- Receiving is a gift that most “givers” manipulate or avoid
- Participants will learn the power of receiving verses the control through avoidance & denial
- Participants will learn which patterns are affecting their ability to break ahead and achieve

Power Chakra

- Participants will understand what charkas are and how they affect us
- Learn which Chakra center holds their core issues
- Learn how to open this chakra to overcome those issues


- Learn to identify when you have regressed into childhood through “time lining”
- Why that hinders you from progressing through problems
- How to release “childhood” issues
- How to identify it in others
- How to communicate to others when they are time lining


- Learn how to capture the moment of healing within your own bodies
- What is needed to be able to heal
- Understanding why healing is a present time, event, & space event
- How to release the block that was created and heal your bodies


- Learn how to identify the right career for you
- How to make it profitable
- Identify how your body performs
- What makes you successful
- How to tap into that power


- Learn how and why you attract certain people
- Understand the partners (life or business) in your life
- How to improve your communications with others
- Why you changed from who you were to who you are in the relationship
- Unravel the mysteries that keep relationships from being their best or growing with us

How to Improve Your Communication Skills

- Learn how you gather information and communicate to others
- Whether you are visual, auditory, kinesthetic, olfactory, or taste life
- Learn how to improve what you say or present to others so that you are heard
- Learn how to identify what type of person they are talking to and how to adjust their style so that conversation flows

What Your Face Reveals and How to Read Others

- Participants will learn key areas to look for in certain types of personality
- What the 5 elements of Chinese Medicine and Facial Diagnosis are and how knowing them will help you
- Which of the five elements such as Water, Wood, Fire, Air (metal), or Earth you may be and what it means
- How to improve, identify and work with others by understanding, classifying, and staying with in your own strengths


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