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How To Schedule An Appointment

Call (803) 439-3981 and leave:
-  Your callback phone number
-  Your name
-  A date and time that you can be reached
-  Available appointment times

My assistant will call you back and schedule an appointment.
Please note that during our conversations it is important that you share information with me. For example, if you hold back a medical diagnosis your body may block the interpretation. This would not prove that an intuitive is able or not able to give you information rather it  proves that you are creating a block that withholds critical information. This type of "proving" hinders one's session. For myself, if you are intentionally blocking the information I will honor that and intuit areas that are open to me. 

- What To Do After Scheduling An Appointment
Be ready to provide the following information at the start of our session:
- Your full name and spelling
Email address
First names and relationships of important people in your life
If an important person is deceased, what is their name and when did they pass on?
Your goal and what you would like to accomplish
Important topics that you would like to discuss 
Medical Information

If we will discuss medical related information, provide me with any diagnosis that you are aware of. This will allow the session to focus on important information and provide clarity needed for healing.
- Fees

Please call (803) 439-3981 or send e-mail for rates and session information:

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Barbara Rasor
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Fees vary if travel is required to meet with a client.
Price quotes are available for seminars, speaking engagements, and training sessions.


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